Blonde Barbie with a spiked hairdo.  She has  brown, white and gold earrings, necklace, and bracelet.  She also has a white faux pearl ring on her left hand.  She has white shoes.  I have tried to give her a modern hairdo with the haircut that she had been given.

I buy TLC dolls and clean them up and make handmade jewelry for them.  My dolls are about the jewelry and not about the outfits.  I cut up used socks to make outfits for them to keep the dolls from being sold nude.

She has been cleaned from head to toe and is wearing a "sock" outfit that has also been cleaned from a non-smoking home. 

Some jewelry may be non-removable.  

Jewelry has small parts so these dolls are not made for small children.  

Doll stand NOT included.