This is a heavy duty cast iron (desk top)  music stand.  I suppose an alternate use would to display a special book, photo album,  or even a cook book.  But it is, in fact, made to be a music stand. It's heavy duty with a weight of approximately 4.5 pounds.  The finish is quite good.  It's simply a lovely music stand with a "Old School,"  style.  It's heavy duty enough to hold the most cumbersome of music books. The book I have shown in the last photo (not included in the sale),  is a large and quite thick music book.  Sheet music would be perfect as well.  This music stand is exceptionally well made.  I have done much welding and some blacksmithing.  This music stand is absolutely at the top of the line in terms of craftsmanship. 

Just the stand weighs 4.5 pounds (so it's very sturdy). It's about 11 1/4 inches wide, 9 5/8 inches tall, the base is 4 3/4 inches deep. 

I will package this piece very carefully for shipping, using a USPS priority box. .  Continental USA only. Shipping will be USPS.